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The Project

Landing page made for a freelancing accountant which aimed for user acquisition and wanted to stand out amongst the crowd. The client needed every user touch point to lead to their whatsapp and wanted to display as much information as possible to solve any potential questions customers might have.

Clear and accessible is the motto

Following the company’s mission, the site had to be simple to understand yet needed to explain complex topics. Almost every section explain common questions people have about taxes and their financial situation. The page guides the user step by step on how the company’s process works and if any questions arise, they may ask directly on whatsapp through the many buttons leading there. The goal ultimately is for people to have a better understanding of what they’re hiring.


To make it visually disruptive from the rest of accounting firm sites, bright colors, dynamic interactions/flow and a more visual language were heavily used. By representing abstract concepts with visual dynamic elements, we convey better the idea of a young and tech savvy firm with modern solutions. Each plan has its own unique illustration.

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