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The Project

Coliseum is a web app where the users can matchmake, share their VODs, participate in tournaments and watch them as well. The platform needed to house a whole lot of different features and user flows while still being concise and usable between rounds of the game. The idea is to display upfront all the info the player may need at any given moment withouth going through all the menus and buttons, while still mantaining a premium feel.


The platform is made not only for when users are playing but for the downtime between matches too. Everyone can participate sharing user generated content. Players can upload their VODs directly to the site, get featured as play of the day/week and build a name for themselves. Building a community by players for players.


The project’s main purpose is to be the be-all end-all when it comes to playing your favorite game. Housing the whole gamut of one’s competitive gaming needs.
Practice & study
Play together

Valuable &
comprehensive data

The platform’s great value and precision doesn’t stop at matchmaking. It also applies to the data it provides its players. As they are able to check stats they can’t find elsewhere with cross referencing data and comparison between players and teams. The key here is to relay bite size info so players can quickly share it and boast about it with card stats as well as check their round to round progress visually.

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