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DESIGN / UI / UX / Implementation
iOS, WachOS, iMessage

The Project

Echo Tracking is an app to notify people you love when you are on the way. When you start a ride, you can notify everyone in your group that you are moving so they can track you real time to ensure that you are safety during the travel.

For this project we've created our own route tracking algorithm that uses the accurate GPS information provided by the Apple Watch in order to calculate in every step of the way if the user is using a route he shouldn't be using and automatically notifies the family in case it notes something strange.

We've also built our own custom iMessage app that allows users to share, directly to iMessage, their location on real time. This feature allows for quick communication and direct messaging to allow our users to seemingly integrate the app usage into their daily lives.

Awards & Press

“Quite simple, you can create groups for your destinations and share, using a code, with your friends, family or anyone else”
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iPhone & Apple Watch working for your safety

We worked on creating the best possible experience for the users on our iOS App and when we saw the opportunity to use the WatchOS to make it easier and safer for our users to travel, we took it.

The app lets you know that you are on your way to anywhere that you define as a group with your contacts. Using this group you can let everyone on the group know when you are traveling to that destination. The app uses the iPhone GPS to make all the tracking, sending this information to the servers that share with the group the user location.

On the Apple Watch app we had the opportunity (and the challenge) to make all this possible with just a few taps. We used the GPS of the Apple Watch and created our own algorithim that identifies if the user is taking to many deviations from the previously planned course and sends a alarm to the group members. With this integration we are able to make your devices to work for your safety.

Animations to break the ice

Safety and security may seem cold and distant terms but that was not the experience we wanted for our app. We wanted our user to feel comfortable and at home to share their location with their loved ones. To achieve this cozy feeling we created ECHO, our lovely pet.

Alongside with the creation of ECHO to give all the application a friendlier look we also added some fun animations in many keypoints of the user experience in order to make everything more vibrant and alive to the user.

Both of this points created a warmer feeling for the app that makes our users comfortable to share their locations and also gives them a delightful experience each step of the way.

Chat tracking & stickers with iMessage

After creating a great experience in the WatchOS and iPhone app we decided to take one step further taking ECHO to the iMessage. Our goal was to allow our users to interact in a fun way but also we wanted them to have the ability to share their location contextually during a conversation with a friend.

That's why we created the Echo Tracking for iMessage where we allowed our users to share their location directly to the iMessage with their friends. Also, we created a awesome pack of stickers with some new illustrations of our pet Echo to add a little bit more fun to our users conversations while generating brand awareness for the app.


Illustrations & Motion design: Matheus Vianna
iOS Developer: Victor Mello

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