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Elefante letrado

DESIGN / UI / UX / Design System
Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

The Project

Elefante Letrado is a reading platform designed to develop reading habits and comprehension in children from kindergarten to elementary school, making use of modern technologies and frameworks.

The fun factor

I was tasked with bringing a sticker album to life inside the app as one of its main features. Kids get awarded points for each book they read, and in turn, spend those points purchasing sticker packs to complete their collections.

Connecting Experiences

The feature had to closely replicate it’s real world equivalent, from start to finish. Buying packs and opening them with a swipe of the finger, seeing all your sticker collection, placing them by dragging one by one and most importantly, trading them with friends. It paid off remarkably, since those similarities were very well received by the kids in our testing sessions. Bringing this familiarity to the UX made them instinctively know how to open packs and trade stickers.


Every interaction and element had to work at various sizes and devices, since the platform is available on the web as well. Design and Development had to work closely to match design token specifications and size multipliers for every component and breakpoint, bringing a seamless experience.

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