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iOS, iPadOS and Android

Elefante Letrado is a reading platform designed to develop reading habits and comprehension in children from kindergarten to elementary school, utilizing modern technologies.

At Elefante Letrado, students make their own reading path, advancing throughout the different levels as they read the titles and perform the pedagogical activities, created to develop reading skills and competences. In order to introduce a gamification aspect, the platform assigns points to the student, giving they quick feedback on their performance.

The App is integrated with the system that supports the desktop platform; therefore, teachers and educational counselors have access, through the desktop, to reports that indicate the performance of each student, class, school, and school network





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"Working with Olympus is synonymous of excellence and safety. Competent, agile, and with great taste, Olympus has always surprised us with early delivery and impeccable execution. Our app is very well maintained and working beyond our expectations. Thank you, Olympus."
Scheila Vontobel, Founder

Discoveries & Technologies

Creating a playful experience within the UI

We wanted our app to have a look and feel that had a playful touch in it. We believed that was necessary in order to engage children to play with it. Our goal was to achieve a playful gaming look while resembling that day-to-day app experience. Below are a few of the components we created in order to create this effect. Also we've tested a few different ways we could play with the app themes. Our goal was to make the app experience more vibrant and able to change itself as the user grows older.


The games that will help you learn

In the original app, we had a few games that were already loved by the users so our goal was to make them even better without losing their originality. Each is presented after the user reads a book and each game has different behavior and set of components which made things a little harder but we redesigned the components and update them to have a more modern look and feel.


Giving Mr. Elephant a new look

One of our biggest challenges was to recreate the beloved mascot of the project Mr. Elephant. He was already part of the children's life and also a part of the app culture but the black strokes of the original version made difficult to integrate the character with the app.

That's why we decided to give Mr. Elephant a new look. The idea was to keep the original drawing applying to it a few changes to make him fit better with the new app interface and experience.


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